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Company Profile

Sepid Gatch Saveh Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in the Companies Registration Office of Tehran on 14/06/1982 under number 44769. Since the same year, a machine gypsum production plant has been constructed near the rich and high-quality gypsum mines in the Ghargabad area of Saveh, With a capacity of 500 tons per day. The sale of the factory products in bulk and packaged in 25 and 30 kg bags in the markets of Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Hamadan and Markazi provinces and the southern cities of the country was well received.


Relying on the quality of the produced plaster and the efforts of the managers and diligent personnel of this complex, the supply of products in other regions, including Tehran province, met with unprecedented success. With the growth of the construction industry and the market acceptance of the company's products and relying on quality and motivated by development and diversification of the product, Sepid Gatch Saveh Company marketed its strategic product under the brand name of Golden Gypsum, which increases the capacity of the factory, From 500 tons to 1000 tons and again from 1000 tons to 2000 tons per day.


Since gypsum production, like most construction materials industries, is associated with environmental pollution, Sepid Gatch Saveh Company, in line with its lofty goals to preserve natural resources and the environment, spent personal expenses in 2001 by purchasing equipment and transferring technology from (LORGE) German Company and the collective efforts of Iranian experts succeeded in installing an electrostatic filter (electrostatic precipitator) to recycle dust from furnaces. The implementation of this project, in addition to recycling a significant percentage of gypsum dust and preventing environmental pollution, led to the selection of the green industry by the Environmental Protection Organization and the selection of this company as a Selected industrial unit by the Ministry of Industry, mine and trade.


Since 2004,Sepid Gatch Saveh, to achieve the world's advanced industries in the production of construction materials, has established a research and development unit, which resulted in the launch of the MIXING PLANT unit in 2006 to produce additive products based on Calcined gypsum under gypsin brand such as:spray gypsum, Siva gypsum, satin gypsum, concrete veneer gypsum (GYPTON)and based on cement under cemmex brand such as:spray cement, tile adhesive, bonding powder, restorative concrete, etc. Also, training workers and craftsmen by using experienced Iranian and foreign labors to consume these products paved the way for the production of this group of construction materials in the country. Therefore, Sepid Gatch Saveh can be considered as one of the pioneers of the dry mortar industry in this level of product diversity in Iran.


It is worth mentioning that these products, considering the knowledge and expertise of the company's workers and considering the competitive quality with similar European products, are now currently distributed in local and foreign markets, including Central Asian countries, Iraq, Qatar, India and China.

In 2011, Sepid Gatch Saveh succeeded to produce this product by commissioning and establishing a new production unit for prefabricated gypsum walls with a thickness of 7 and 8 cm, using the machines made by the German (GERLAKH) factory. This production unit with a production capacity of 800,000 square meters of ordinary and waterproof walls is one of the largest similar production units in the country.

In 2014, a new product called Super Gold entered the mass production cycle. Micronized gypsum production unit (Super Gold) with very soft granulation and unique quality specifications could quickly be noticed by domestic and foreign customers, so that in less than five years, the capacity of this unit doubled.

Also, the diversity of domestic and foreign markets, as well as the needs of the construction industry, caused this group to produce products under the brand name of Silver Plaster with a capacity of 500 tons per day in 2020. This product, which is actually ready mixed calcined gypsum and soil for hardening and blade use, due to its high quality and reasonable price, received special attention from customers in less than one year.

Also, the growing approach and attitude of the company's board of directors based on the need for dynamism in the gypsum industry led to the production of another product in 2020 that had a different application. This product under the brand name of agrogyps or agricultural gypsum is actually a kind of hydrated calcium sulfate, which was made available to the dear farmers of our country specifically as a fertilizer and soil modifier. The special quality of this product enabled the company to introduce this product in the Armenian market in less than a year and to establish its position against the quality products of foreign competitors such as Turkish companies.