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Announcing the position of the housing market

Home Page NewsAnnouncing the position of the housing market

Announcing the position of the housing market

Real estate consultants said that, despite the onset of the housing market since the beginning of last year, unlike trading activity statistics, the deep recession continued to be on the market and the returns and transactions There has been a rising cross-sectional trend, but in recent months, with continued growth in monthly transactions, their judgments over the market phase have changed, and they have not claimed that the housing market is still in recession.

This consensus among property consultants, while having a great deal of goodies, can be a source of danger. Honestly, real estate advisers judge that the so-called housing market is moving this way to buyers and sellers and inform them of the current state of the housing market, and they will play a positive role in their determination to buy and sell. Had Civic intermediaries can alert parties to no longer look at the market with a past glance, and this can be seen as an incentive to buy and sell apartments, causing more mobility in the housing market.

At the same time, the danger that intermediary consensus over the exit of the market from the downturn phase and the pace of acceleration of the pace of the phase is that they themselves and in the second place may mislead the vendors to think that as the market gets rid of past loopholes, prices Inflamed. Although the expectation of a microfinance of housing prices is not commensurate with the inflation rate and is accepted by the parties to the transaction, but if the growth rate of housing prices exceeds the tolerable level of demand, then at this time there will be a photo effect on the market and a recession Take the place of the current progress. Therefore, the increase in market mobility should not be accompanied by the expectation of rising prices and more than the inflation rate in the housing market, so that the demand for the purchase, which in recent months is more determined than ever to search for the home, does not leave the market.

The economy, despite the fact that the housing market has entered a progressive phase after no less than four years of continuous recession since last year, and this year it hastened to a full exit from the recession and entry into the boom phase, but the current situation It does not mean that anyone who wishes to do so can make a purchase on the market, because the current portfolio of the bank's lending facility, despite improvements over before 95, still does not meet the needs of different groups of buyers in the market.

In the apartment sector, despite the increase in the ceiling of the purchasing facility, the budget has shifted the applicants to the units on paper, but in practice, there are barriers to the purchasing power of the purchasers in order to receive this facility, most notably the waiting time for at least one year to receive funds from the first fund, as well as The above installments of this facility and non-depository mortgages are from the place where the bills are purchased, which is generally higher than the ability to pay for residential customers and do not match their incomes. On the other hand, middle-income households have no place in the current portfolio of residential mortgage banks. These strata need more facilities than current ones (up to 160 million USD) to buy larger and somewhat more expensive apartments than consumer apartments, while still offering higher installments in exchange for more loans that "housing leasing" can meet their needs.

But the housing sector bank still has not predicted the mechanism for paying the facility. In this way, it seems imperative to redefine the portfolio of housing purchasing facilities in the current situation, which is a market for the full entry of buyers and sellers, and civilian mediators believe in the progressive data on transactions.